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Awareness Creation

We aim to put an end to ignorance and create a stigma free community, by ensuring the understanding of CP. The objective is nothing less than to create cultural change so that everyone in a society embraces people with CP, and for every child/person living with CP is accepted in the society.



CP is non-generative condition, however, without early intervention, the situation deteriorates. The children/persons form contractures or secondary deformities. Rehabilitation therefore is offered to children/persons regularly. The CPSK clinic offers occupational therapy at the clinic for children under the age of 6. It also has health riders who provide therapy for the older children and adults living with CP.

Students In Class


CPSK Special school offers Special Needs Education, Music Therapy and Vocational Training to children/persons living with Cerebral Palsy. The school currently has an admission of 45 learners.

Children with Cerebral Palsy

Quality of Life

CPSK is able to offer useful advice, support and training to parents/guardians/caregivers, the community and others who help it. By giving a holistic approach from the individual, family and community CPSK aims to ensure that everyone thrives and finds enjoyment and fulfilment in life.

CPSK offers a variety of livelihood projects and trainings to empower the members.


We are working to ensure that government officials at the local, regional and national level move beyond passing proclamations, and take concrete action to guarantee that our basic rights, our full citizenship and our individual opportunities are real and cannot be taken away.