Kindly Donate

CPSK comprises of families which are very wanting, some of the parents cannot make it to the clinic for lack of food and transport. We need you to get involved and make a difference to a child’s life by sponsoring a child with a regular gift of Kshs. 60,000 per year, or 30,000 kshs for 6 months, or 15,000kshs for 3 months

To donate
Paybill Number 924500 or fill
 the form below and we will get in touch

Mention the other amount in message box below


What does your money do?

  • Help the child attend the clinic for rehabilitation
  • Help the child access necessary drugs needed
  • Help the child get access education
  • Develop the skills to become as independent as possible
  • Help the child to develop to their maximum potential
  • Help the child meet their other needs
  • Provide the family with support, hope and a positive outlook for their child’s future.

 It is worth noting that rehabilitation work is very expensive because it involves restoring lost functions and needs a team of paramedics some of whom are out of reach for the ordinary Kenyan.