World Cerebral Palsy Day 2022

CPSK is a non-profit organization that has been home to more than 500 vulnerable families affected/afflicted by cerebral palsy for more than 20 years.
The society provides occupational therapy for children, special needs learning, and psychosocial support for caregivers among other services.
CPSK aims to keep going but we need your support! 

With only Kshs. 100 shillings each of us can ensure that CPSK continues offering these much-needed services to even more families, especially those most vulnerable.

Got more than Kshs. 100 even better! 

How you can support:

1. Send Ksh. 100 {or more} to Paybill: 924500 Account: OMK4CP
2. Reach out to organizations, church groups, and institutions to support the initiative.
3. Social media activations to engage friends and family to support the initiative.

Some tips:

When can I start my initiative? NOW!
What is my target – 50 Kenyans,100 Kenyans, 200 Kenyans…. 100,000 Kenyans….500,000 Kenyans and  beyond.
Where do I start: It starts with you! then five of your friends! 10 of your colleagues/business partners/clients or customers, 20 of your church group members, 50 of your neighbours, 100 members of your community and beyond.

For any assistance on how you can support the One Million Kenyans for CP initiative call: 0708829681 or 0735140795